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ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
2FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
3/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
4FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
5CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS
6/1RA/0SD010MI170Items for Class SD01 - Raw Data
7/ATL/AANLCP79Periodic Asset-value fields, like anlc, for all areas
8BSEG345Accounting Document Segment
9AUDLORIPR7KPro: Logical Information Object Attribute Values
10/OPT/Z1344Reporting table: Text table for exception definitions

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

1OINV386A/R Invoice
3OCRD332Business Partner
4ORDR386Sales Order
5INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
6OJDT100Journal Entry
7OPCH386A/P Invoice
8OPOR386Purchase Order
9JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows
10OACT114G/L Accounts

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2OINV268A/R Invoice
3OVPM154Outgoing Payments
4ORCT154Incoming Payment
5OPCH268A/P Invoice
6OIVL77Whse Journal
7OOCR9Loading Factors
8JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows
9OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
10OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction - the webs number one PHP Function reference tool

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TableTable DescriptionColumn#AliasColumn DescriptionData TypeLengthDecimalsDefault ValueConstraints
TOPBusiness Partners
1AOA2Blanket Agreement - Details9QuantityItem QuantityNum196
2OAT2Blanket Agreement - Details9QuantityItem QuantityNum196
3ACD1Credit Memo - Rows5QuantityQuantityNum196
4ACQ1Capitalization - Rows5QuantityQuantityNum196
5AFA1Asset Document - Rows5QuantityQuantityNum196
6FTR1Transfer - Rows5QuantityQuantityNum196
7GBI7GBI Row 7 - Accounting Vouchers15QuantityQuantityNum196
8ISW3Declaration Rows11QuantityQuantityNum196
9IWZ3Items Last Revaluation Data15QuantityQuantityNum196
10MDP1Manual Depreciation - Rows5QuantityQuantityNum196
11RTI1Retirement - Rows5QuantityQuantityNum196
12OBVLSerial Numbers and Batch Valuation Log19QuantityQuantityNum196
13TCN1Tracking Note - Line Data5QuantityQuantityNum196
14UBVLSerial Numbers and Batch Valuation Log19QuantityQuantityNum196
TOPInventory and Production
15ABTNBatch Numbers Master Data26QuantityQuantityNum196
16AIN11Inventory Counting - Individual Counters - Row SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
17AIN3Inventory Count - SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
18AIN7Inventory Counting - Team Counter - Row SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
19AIT8Asset Item Balances - History6QuantityAsset QuantityNum196
20AMR1Inventory Revaluation - History - Rows5QuantityQuantityNum196
21AMR2Inventory Revaluation FIFO Rows (Archive)4QuantityQuantityNum196
22AQI1Inventory Opening Balance - Rows8QuantityQuantity - DeltaNum196
23AQI2Inventory Opening Balance - SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
24AQR1Inventory Posting - Rows8QuantityQuantity - DeltaNum196
25AQR3Inventory Count - SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
26ASRNSerial Numbers Master Data26QuantityQuantityNum196
27ATT1Bill of Materials - Components - History4QuantityQuantityNum196
28AWO3Production Order - (Closure) - History4QuantityQuantityNum196
29ENT1Entry - Rows9QuantityQuantityNum196
30ICD11Inventory Counting Draft - Individual Counter - Row SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
31ICD3Inventory Count Draft - SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
32ICD7Inventory Counting Draft - Team Counter - Row SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
33IGE1Goods Issue - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
34IGE14Goods Issue - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
35IGE16Goods Issue - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
36IGE19Goods Issue - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
37IGE8Items in Package - Goods Issue4QuantityQuantityNum196
38IGN1Goods Receipt - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
39IGN14Goods Receipt - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
40IGN16Goods Receipt - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
41IGN19Goods Receipt - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
42IGN8Goods Receipt - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
43ILM1Srl & Batch Det of Inv Log Msg4QuantityQuantityNum196
44ILM3Non-Inventory and Resource Components Log Msg8QuantityQuantityNum196
45INC11Inventory Counting - Individual Counter - Row SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
46INC3Inventory Count - SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
47INC7Inventory Counting - Team Counter - Row SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
48IOD1Inventory Opening Balance Draft - Rows8QuantityQuantity - DeltaNum196
49IOD2Inventory Opening Balance Draft - SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
50IPD1Inventory Posting Draft - Rows8QuantityQuantity - DeltaNum196
51IPD3Inventory Posting Draft - SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
52IPF1Landed Costs - Rows7QuantityQuantityNum196
53IQI1Inventory Opening Balance - Rows8QuantityQuantity - DeltaNum196
54IQI2Inventory Opening Balance - SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
55IQR1Inventory Posting - Rows8QuantityQuantity - DeltaNum196
56IQR3Inventory Posting - SnB9QuantityQuantityNum196
57ITL1Srl & Batch Details in Transac4QuantityQuantityNum196
58ITM8Asset Item Balances6QuantityAsset QuantityNum196
59ITT1Bill of Materials - Components4QuantityQuantityNum196
60MRV1Inventory Revaluation Information Array5QuantityQuantityNum196
61MRV2Inventory Revaluation FIFO Rows4QuantityQuantityNum196
62OAIMArchive Inventory Message5QuantityQuantity in DocumentNum196
63OBTLBin Transaction Log5QuantityQuantityNum196
64OBTNBatch Numbers Master Data26QuantityQuantityNum196
65OBTQBatch No. Quantities4QuantityQuantityNum196
66ODBNBat. Nos - Draft - Master Data26QuantityQuantityNum196
67ODSNSNs - Draft - Master Data26QuantityQuantityNum196
68OILMInventory Log Message5QuantityQuantity in DocNum196
69OSRNSerial Numbers Master Data26QuantityQuantityNum196
70OSRQSerial No. Quantities4QuantityQuantityNum196
71UBTNBatch Numbers Master Data26QuantityQuantityNum196
72UILMIVI Inventory Log Message5QuantityQuantity in DocNum196
73UILM1Srl & Batch Det of Inv Log Msg4QuantityQuantityNum196
74UILM3Non-Inventory and Resource Components Log Msg8QuantityQuantityNum196
75USRNSerial Numbers Master Data26QuantityQuantityNum196
76UWKO1Production Instructions - Rows5QuantityItem QuantityNum196
77UWOR3Production Order - Closure4QuantityQuantityNum196
78WKO1Production Instructions - Rows5QuantityItem QuantityNum196
79WOR3Production Order - Closure4QuantityQuantityNum196
80WTQ1Inventory Transfer Request - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
81WTQ14Inventory Transfer Request - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
82WTQ16Inventory Transfer Request - SnB Properties9QuantityQtyNum196
83WTQ19Inventory Transfer Request - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
84WTQ8Inventory Transfer Request - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
85WTR1Inventory Transfer - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
86WTR14Inventory Transfer - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
87WTR16Inventory Transfer - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
88WTR19Inventory Transfer - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
89WTR8Inventory Transfer - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
TOPMarketing Documents
90ADO1A/R Invoice (Rows) - History12QuantityQuantityNum196
91ADO14Invoice - Assembly - Rows - History6QuantityQuantityNum196
92ADO16Draft - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
93ADO19Bin Allocation Data - History8QuantityQuantityNum196
94ADO8Items in Package - History4QuantityQuantityNum196
95CIN1Correction Invoice - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
96CIN19Correction Invoice - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
97CIN8Items in Package - Correction Invoice4QuantityQuantityNum196
98CPI1A/P Correction Invoice - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
99CPI14A/P Correction Invoice - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
100CPI16A/P Corr. Inv - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
101CPI19A/P Correction Invoice - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
102CPI8A/P Correction Invoice - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
103CPV1A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
104CPV14A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
105CPV16A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
106CPV19A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
107CPV8A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
108CSI1A/R Correction Invoice - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
109CSI14A/R Correction Invoice - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
110CSI16A/R Corr. Inv. - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
111CSI19A/R Correction Invoice - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
112CSI8A/R Corr. Inv. - Items in Pkg4QuantityQuantityNum196
113CSV1A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
114CSV14A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
115CSV16A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
116CSV19A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
117CSV8A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
118DLN1Delivery - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
119DLN14Delivery Notes - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
120DLN16Delivery - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
121DLN19Delivery - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
122DLN8Items in Package - Delivery4QuantityQuantityNum196
123DPI1A/R Down Payment - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
124DPI14A/R Down Payment - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
125DPI16A/R Down Payment - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
126DPI19A/R Down Payment - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
127DPI8Items in Package - A/R Down Pmt.4QuantityQuantityNum196
128DPO1A/P Down Payment - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
129DPO14A/P Down Payment - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
130DPO16A/P Down Payment - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
131DPO19A/P Down Payment - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
132DPO8Items in Package - A/P Down Pmt.4QuantityQuantityNum196
133DRF1Draft - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
134DRF14Draft - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
135DRF16Draft - SnB - Rows9QuantityQttyNum196
136DRF19Draft - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
137DRF8Items in Package - Draft4QuantityQuantityNum196
138GPA1Gross Profit Adjustment - Documents14QuantityQuantityNum196
139GTI1GTS Invoice Details7QuantityQuantityNum196
140GTM1GTS Mapping Object Details8QuantityQuantityNum196
141IEI1Incoming Excise Invoice - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
142IEI14Incoming Excise Invoice - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
143IEI16Incoming Excise Invoice - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
144IEI19Incoming Excise Invoice - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
145IEI8Incoming Excise Invoice - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
146INV1A/R Invoice - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
147INV14A/R Invoice - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
148INV16A/R Invoice - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
149INV19A/R Invoice - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
150INV8A/R Invoice - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
151OEI1Outgoing Excise Invoice - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
152OEI14Outgoing Excise Invoice - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
153OEI16Outgoing Excise Invoice - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
154OEI19Outgoing Excise Invoice - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
155OEI8Outgoing Excise Invoice - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
156PCH1A/P Invoice - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
157PCH14A/P Invoice - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
158PCH16A/P Invoice - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
159PCH19A/P Invoice - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
160PCH8A/P Invoice - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
161PDN1Goods Receipt PO - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
162PDN14Goods Receipt PO - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
163PDN16Goods Receipt PO - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
164PDN19Goods Receipt PO - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
165PDN8Goods Receipt PO - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
166POR1Purchase Order - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
167POR14Purchase Order - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
168POR16Purchase Order - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
169POR19Purchase Order - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
170POR8Items in Package - Purchase Order4QuantityQuantityNum196
171PQT1Purchase Quotation - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
172PQT14Purchase Quotation - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
173PQT16Purchase Quotation - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
174PQT19Purchase Quotation - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
175PQT8Items in Package - Purchase Quotation4QuantityQuantityNum196
176PRQ1Purchase Request - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
177PRQ14Purchase Request - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
178PRQ16Purchase Request - SnB Properties9QuantityQuantityNum196
179PRQ19Purchase Request - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
180PRQ8Items in Package - Purchase Request4QuantityQuantityNum196
181QUT1Sales Quotation - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
182QUT14Sales Quotation - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
183QUT16Sales Quotation - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
184QUT19Sales Quotation - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
185QUT8Sales Quotation - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
186RDN1Returns - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
187RDN14Return - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
188RDN16Returns - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
189RDN19Returns - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
190RDN8Returns - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
191RDR1Sales Order - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
192RDR14Sales Order - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
193RDR16Sales Order - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
194RDR19Sales Order - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
195RDR8Sales Order - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
196RIN1A/R Credit Memo - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
197RIN14A/R Credit Memo - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
198RIN16A/R Credit Memo - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
199RIN19A/R Credit Memo - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
200RIN8Items in Package - A/R Credit Memo4QuantityQuantityNum196
201RPC1A/P Credit Memo - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
202RPC14A/P Credit Memo - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
203RPC16A/P Credit Memo - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
204RPC19A/P Credit Memo - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
205RPC8Items in Package - A/P Credit Memo4QuantityQuantityNum196
206RPD1Goods Return - Rows12QuantityQuantityNum196
207RPD14Goods Return - Assembly - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
208RPD16Goods Return - SnB properties9QuantityQttyNum196
209RPD19Goods Return - Bin Allocation Data8QuantityQuantityNum196
210RPD8Goods Return - Items in Package4QuantityQuantityNum196
211SAL1Salida - Rows9QuantityQuantityNum196
212TRA1Transition - Rows9QuantityQuantityNum196
213VRT1Tax Invoice Report - Rows6QuantityQuantityNum196
214VRT2Tax Invoice Report Grid Info21QuantityQuantityNum196
215FCT1Sales Forecast - Rows5QuantityQuantityNum196
216MSN3MRP Pegging Information4QuantityQuantityNum196
217ORCMRecommendation Data7QuantityQuantityNum196
218ASC3Service Call Travel/Labor Expenses - History7QuantityQuantityNum196
219SCL3Service Call Travel/Labor Expenses7QuantityQuantityNum196